Paul Simon Interview


Paul Simon, still playing after all these years

Brian Williams interviews the legendary singer/songwriter about his new album, the changing music business, and the best signals to throw in baseball.

Paul Simon: 'I love...playing for myself'

The pop icon talks with Brian Williams about how he has managed to produce powerful music for more than four decades, and credits clean living for his clear voice.

Acoustic vs. Autotune: Paul Simon breaks it down

In an interview with Brian Williams, the pop singer talks about the "perfect storm" of technology that has changed the music business.

Paul Simon defends Barry Bonds: ‘We can’t all be Derek Jeter’

In an interview with Brian Williams, the pop icon and part-time little league baseball coach weighs in on drug use--both in sports and in music--and cautions against taking a moralistic stance. Watch the full interview Thursday on NBC Nightly News.

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